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FUBIS – Targeted Inhibition of Bone Resorption and Reduction of Tumor Size

FUBIS is a novel drug

for targeted treatment of bone metastases and has shown promising results in pre-clinical settings

Further development

of FUBIS is on the way, aiming to market this novel drug rapidly so that millions of patients may hopefully benefit from it soon

FUBIS offers an improved

side effect profile allowing for longer and safer treatment, a significant efficacy against osteoclasts and bone metastases in animal models. We expect that FUBIS will level-up specificity and safety for the treatment of bone metastases in clinical trials

PEKKIP Oncology Alliance

has led the development of FUBIS, in a close partnership with the University of Schleswig- Holstein UKSH.

FUBIS – Targeted Inhibition of Bone Resorption and Reduction of Tumor Size

Pre-clinical tests find FUBIS safe, well-tolerated and effective against Bone Metastases

Our Linker Technology is the crucial element to bring together desired characteristics

The competition has not found the right balance between risk profile and efficacy

Our Research Activity for FUBIS

Key Metrics for Commercial Scenarios


License to the Linker Technology

The patent covers the full range of conjugates between bisphosphonates and any other compound linked

PEKKIP Oncology Alliance holds an exclusive, worldwide license to the Linker Technology and resulting molecules:

  • All of Prof. Dr. Schott‘s rights in patents or patent applications deriving from or being based upon PCT/EP2011/063326
  • Prof. Dr. Schott‘s secret technical and scientific knowledge relating to the invention (Contract Know-How)

Prof. Dr. Schott maintains the right to use the invention for non-commercial purposes but any potential publication of results from such activities are reportable to PEKKIP

The patents cover the full product class of bisphosphonates that use the proprietary conjugation-technology which is used within FUBIS

Resulting from this, all chemical structures that link bisphosphonate and other substances based on this structure are covered by the patent – meaning we could also replace Alendronate or 5-FdU by other compounds and stay within the patent protection

In addition the patent and the commercial rights license to Pekkip Oncology Alliance would cover any other substance with the described specifics that might be suitable for commercialization

Key takeaways for FUBIS

  • De-risked proof of concept in humans (Phase 1) by using known compounds for this new duplex drug. Animal tests in fact show substantially less side effects than the compounds alone, postulating a very favorable risk profile.
  • First bisphosphonate duplex drug that is actually stable in-vivo and shows satisfactory efficacy of the conjugated compounds.
  • First bisphosphonate duplex drug with no negative effect on osteoblast, allowing bone formation while treating the metastases.
  • The duplex drug Linker is a unique and patented technology, more duplex drugs based on bisphosphonates and chemotherapy agents can be developed.
  • Execution of clinical program is prepared; we have a standing collaboration contract with the University of Schleswig Holstein UKSH that allows access to resources and facilities.