Ahmet Pekkip

Founder & CEO


  • Serial Healthcare Entrepreneur
  • Successful Owner of Hospitals and R&D Companies
  • Organizer of Medical Conventions

Ahmet Pekkip is a successful serial entrepreneur and business leader who developed a passion for bringing new cures of cancer to patients. He began his versatile career in 1975 as a Construction Superintendent for the US Army in Heidelberg. In 1981 he graduated from the Industrial Engineering Department in Philadelphia, USA. In 1985, he received the teaching permission for seminars in the field of industrial engineering.

Since 2001, Ahmet Pekkip has been active in various projects in the healthcare sector. In 2001 he took over the management and operation of various clinics, mainly the Rhein-Jura-Klinik Bad Säckingen, a psychiatric and psychosomatic private clinic, which he led to unexpected and lasting success.

In 2014, Ahmet Pekkip founded Xenios Oncology Advice AG, which renamed PEKKIP Oncology Alliance AG in 2016.