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  • We partner with you to ensure your research receives early stage funding for a fast and efficient development.
  • In addition to finding promising partners for drug development, we also consider becoming a partner ourselves. After a first evaluation we offer to invest venture capital and accompany the project with our scientific expertise.
  • Our investment philosophy: We invest in clinical development at an early stage up to Phase I/II, bringing promising therapeutics to clinical proof-of-concept. We support you in the transition from discovery to out-licensing or partnering to the right pharma company with the desired commitment, development and commercial capabilities.

Market size – breast cancer alone represent 180,000 cases per year in the US with bone metastases

  • Health records show a prevalence of bone metastases of ca. 500,000 in the US, of this breast cancer is the largest group with 180,000 patients.
  • With breast cancer alone, ca. 45,000 new cases of bone metastases are diagnosed.
  • Current treatment options like denosumab and bisphosphonates only limit the progression of bone resorption – however they do not impact the tumor cells directly.
  • Top 5 root cause cancer indications make 80% of all new metastases cases each year in the US.

Bone metastases treatment is a $3bn market in the US alone.

  • The Situation
    • Bisphosphonates such as zoledronic acid have been largely replaced by the RANKL inhibitor denosumab.
    • Denosumab costs are significantly higher (and COGS) however superiority remains marginal.

    The FUBIS opportunity

    • FUBIS could prove to be more effective and more cost efficient as today’s gold standard.
    • FUBIS is a small molecule with a simple synthesis – allowing highly competitive COGS.
    • FUBIS administration would be a monthly infusion in an outpatient setting, keeping compliance high and cost of administration similar to denosumab.